Watching the Watchers

Once again, the self-appointed great and good of Europe claim to have a magic solution to the infinitely complex conflict between Palestinians and Israel. Under the ambitious (and misleading) heading of “a new EU approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, this group is calling on Frederica Mogherini to adopt their opinions.

Far from being a peace proposal or to a “new approach”, this is a re-statement of standard European mythology, which is based entirely on and reinforces the Palestinian narrative of unending conflict and rejection of Jewish sovereignty, regardless of borders. Their approach patronizes Palestinians, treating them like children incapable of moral behavior or of taking responsibility for their actions, while legitimate Israel security concerns are erased. As a result, Israelis and Palestinians alike do not take the EU seriously.

Many of the signatories made a bad situation worse while they held official positions. For example, Mary Robinson presided over the disastrous 2001 UN “Durban Conference” which launched the Palestinian BDS and lawfare processes. And as the EU’s foreign policy czar, Javier Solana was repeatedly manipulated and exploited by Arafat. Under Solana, the EU secretly began to channels millions of Euros to anti-peace NGOs — a policy that continues to cause major damage. And Andreas van Agt, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands , also used his position to channel millions of Euros to anti-Israel and anti-peace “civil society” organizations.

Vice President Mogherini would be well-advised to learn from the total failure of European policy in the Middle East under this group. The EU needs a new policy on the Middle East and Israel — one that is based on reality rather than myth. Rather than reinforcing Palestinian rejectionism, the EU must begin by examining the implications of the chaos and terror from ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and the disintegration of Syria, Iraq and Libya.
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  1. Prof. Gerald Steinberg: Interesting blog post but instead of attacking the “messenger” ( in this case the signatories, the so-called members of the European Eminent Persons Group, of the letter to Mogherini, we should have a closer look at their message. Admittedly it’s coloured by anti-Israeli bias – but what do you expect with the new Israeli government that probably won’t restart the peace process and is good in destroying Israel’s reputation abroad?

  2. Federica Mogherin : Two State Solution
    Israel might live with following TWO STATE SOLUTION : A 5 fold increased Gaza{ 365 sq km} with President Al sisi generous endowment of 1600 sq km , Marshall PLan development to transform the rat hole today to Gulf class paradise ; Leisure tourism fishing agriculture with own energy means jobs, houses , healthcare, schools, for clans of displaced Arabs from 1948 without overlooking Middle East Jews dispossessed ,relocation for Arabs into Greater Gaza, leaving 7 small tribal enclaves at Yehuda, Shomron with International access to Jerusalem holy places ; Obama in interview with Arabyia 15th May dropped the carve up plan as he recognised Arabs want to fight Jews to the death, Solution today is a two state solution, Jordan as one State and Greater Gaza the second;

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